A concise overview of our mission and core values
ETHG adheres to the concept of blockchain decentralization, improves the performance of public chain network through multi-consensus mechanism, improves the efficiency of TPS, upgrades the scalability of smart contracts, and is committed to solving the "blockchain impossible triangle problem", improving network speed, efficiency and scalability while continuing to adhere to security and decentralization. We are committed to becoming the world's most secure, decentralized, and scalable next-generation Web3 public chain network, providing a full range of services for global users.
Multi-consensus mechanism
ETHG is unique
Details of the consensus mechanism
ETHG uses the POW+POS+POC multi-consensus mechanism to ensure the security performance of the public chain network and ensure the decentralized attributes through POW, pledges mining through POS consensus mechanism to solve the energy consumption problem of some countries that do not support computing power mining, and solves the storage problem of the global super computing power center through POC consensus mechanism.
Explain ETHG's technical features in detail, including its blockchain infrastructure and consensus mechanism
ETHG built-in smart contract module software package. From the perspective of module structure,ETHG smart contract module lies between external service module (such as RPC module) and underlying facility module (such as network module, storage module, account module, etc.). Storage module, basic encryption algorithm, account module, network module and other modules provide underlying support for smart contracts.
ETHG implements the anonymity of digital assets through ring signature technology. Each ETHG transaction has a unique key image to prevent double-spend transactions, in which distributed digital identity adopts the distributed identifier (DID) and Verifiable Credential specifications promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Together, it supports the basic model of distributed digital identity and can verify the effective operation of the certificate circulation model.
*ETHG in addition to supporting the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), Smart Contract (Smart Contract), also supports the latest Layer2, compared to Layer1, Layer2 provides richer features on the basis of Layer1, and is committed to solving the "blockchain impossible triangle problem". Improve network speed, efficiency, and scalability while continuing to adhere to security and decentralization
The ETHG ecosystem
Decentralized exchange - EthGoldDEX

EthGold DEX decentralized exchange built on Ethereum gold chain, DEX spot trading platform providing CEX-level smooth experience for global users.

EthGold DEX is different from Uniswap and Sushiswap AMM mode, EthGold DEX adopts the order book mode, allowing buyers and sellers to propose the price they want, and present it on the platform, and smart contracts match and settle according to the data of the trading order. Therefore, the trading depth and buy and sell slippage will have more advantages than most DEX using AMM mode.

The difference between EthGold DEX and centralized exchanges is that EthGold DEX is on the "blockchain", providing services through smart contracts, and trading between users on the point-to-point chain, so that the transaction process has untampered characteristics. Every transaction, asset and movement is recorded with complete transparency.

EthGold DEX is a fully decentralized trading system, so it does not require users to put funds and personal data in the background (no KYC is required). The platform has no capital pool, so funds are stored in the user's "wallet", private keys are saved by the user, and transactions are run by "smart contracts". Let the process of trading minus human factors (exchange evil) and open and transparent, fair and just, smooth trading experience to attract more users.

Pledge agreement

In the ETHG official POS mining pool, the threshold for users to join is lowered. All users do not need to buy equipment or KYC authentication, but only need to pledge a small amount of ETHG through smart contracts to become verification nodes. The pledged ETHG is locked on the chain to ensure its data openness and transparency and asset security.

The pledge protocol runs through a smart contract in a decentralized DAPP, so the requirements for verification nodes are greatly reduced, only devices that can be connected to the Internet can participate in mining, verification nodes do not need 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, and there is no node offline caused by the forfeit of pledged assets rules, all miners as long as the agreement provides for the time to receive benefits.

The official mining pool is 100% decentralized, the pledge protocol runs through a smart contract, each user is an independent network node, the node private key is saved by the user, the pledged assets and data are stored on the chain, and no one can tamper with the private key users can freely redeem the pledged assets.


As a decentralized exchange based on ETHG network deployment, EthgSwap is committed to providing global users with more convenient and transparent digital asset trading services.
EthgSwap provides a concise and clear trading interface, making it easy for both novice and experienced traders to get started and enjoy a smooth trading experience.

Community and governance
ETHG DAO - Give control to ETHG DAO to achieve true decentralization and create an effective model for sustainable development. Within the ETHG DAO, membership in the DAO is open and not limited to a specific group.
ETHG DA0 does not have a central authority that can block or change its decisions.